Friday, September 11, 2009

Mirna Moonrise

Oil on Linen 9 x 12" ( 23 x 30 cm )
$ 200

made August 31st

One of the favorite beaches in Nerezine became magical when the moon rises in the sky.


L.Holm said...

Mariano! Welcome back. What an amazing travel log of beautiful paintings. Looks like you had a wonderful European trip to some fantastic spots. Leiden does look magical. I love your painting of the Dordrecht Canal. It sparkles with life and light. Also think your painting of the City Hall in Trieste is charming.
All of your paintings have a storybook feel to them, and I could imagine what it's like to be in each location. Glad you were ok during your isolated day at Nerezine Castle. Bee stings are not fun.
I have to say Fitting Planks is one of my favorites. It really shows your skill and affinity for the bones of a ship, and makes me appreciate the art that goes into ship building (and painting)!
Your lovely Italian vase in window light is beautiful, too. I like seeing some "indoor" quiet pieces, too.
Really great to see all of your did a lot while on tour!
Are you going to have a local show of these?

Mariano Zucchi said...

Dear Liz,
is feels great to hear from you, after such a long time, I am so glad my oils gave you a feeling of what I saw. Your generous comment are very much appreciated. I am a very lucky guy to have a house in Croatia , and also to be invited in Amsterdam by Alberto Valentini that drove me around The Nederland's for 2 days , I met about 15 other painters in Dordrecht , and after painting we all eat and had some of the best beer in the world. Since I had to stop over in Amsterdam I took advantage of it. Alberto is a very nice guy and a good Artist. Like I said a very lucky guy! I have a feeling that I get from art more than I give. I have to say that since I started painting I met some really exceptional and talented people, in person and online , (you being one of them) and their friendship and advise has given more meaning to my life and my art as well. As Alberto says we painter are all brethren . Fitting planks is one of my favorites too, and to see how they bend these big planks of wood with fire is mesmerizing. Is a lost art. And a beautiful one at that! I was so lucky to have this shipyard at just 3 minutes walk from my home( Lucky guy) . I can't walk as I used to, specially with pochade, tripod and a bag with me (specially in the heat of summer). But I am still ticking.
No Liz, no show, I will show some at the Douglas County art guild when we meet next month, but again I was so lucky to be invited on Alex Perez website to join his emerging artist art gallery. I am presently getting the Bio , photo's ready for submission etc. So I guess this is good news for me. ( he is one of my favorite painter ) and I did study his video, and in Europe tried some of his techniques, if you notice like in my Mirna moonrise, the sky has more vibrancy. Courtesy of Alex Perez.
I was planning to do more painting but I had to paint 5 wooden windows , that took me 3 weeks, life can bend your will easily; it all worked out at the end.
Hope no to take much of your precious free time Liz, you are in my thought, be well

Arti said...

The moonrise is beautiful.Trees glinting in moonlight..
I see that you had a great trip.And for your being 'lucky' , I can assure that good people always get to meet and know more good people!So its more than 'Luck'!

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Arti,
such a nice comment! You always surprise me. This is one of my favorite. The photo is no good, the sky is not so blue and the water is darker. I Started painting this in late afternoon and finished by 20:30 about. The moon i did not do in the imprimatura, but at the end was there, so i took advantage of it.
Happy painting, Mariano

jeannemlw said...

Ah...Nerezine. I was lucky to spend a good part of two summers with my Nerezinski grandfather back in the 70's. I would love to return one day. Where is your home? I love your paintings and their brilliant color. I have some watercolors done by Miro Mavrovic...have you ever heard of him? He died many years ago, but he captured the sky and waters around Losinj beautifully but in a very different way from yours. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Jeanne,
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice comments. about Neresine I go there about every summer, and paint since I am old and no much else I can do. Hope to see you there! Yes I knew Miro, he was a great watercolorist. My home is right b Neresine center square . The second home from the small newspaper and postcard seller. I Have a painting of my home there in my blog titled "My home in Neresine" and posted 12/27/08. Hope you get to go to Neresiner in summer is beautiful. If you are interested in purcheasing an oil , email me at or call me Tel: (678) 324-1516, Since your grandfather was from Neresine I will give you a really discounted price. Thank you again for visiting and the nice comment, Mariano