Saturday, April 21, 2012

After Van Gogh #10, oil, 8x6", Landscape

Oil on canvas Panel 8x6"
          (~ 20x15 cm)    
US $ 200 + 10 Shipping


Kathye said...

Your "after Van Gogh" paintings are so lovely!!! I LOVE them all!
You will never believe this, Mariano, but I broke my foot falling down stairs on Thursday -- what next???
Keep painting!! You are brilliant!

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Kathye,
sorry You fall down. You got to be careful. But sometimes even with the best intentions, things happen.
Thanks a lot for the nice comment about the Van Gogh oils. His grasp of Life was phenomenal,in each of his oil colors and drawing intermingle in a unique way. You have no idea what pleasure it gives me to copy His oils, I think I am learning a lot. Be well and do take care, Mariano

Victor Errington said...

Hi Mariano.
I certainly agree with Kathye above, I love them all Also. All the best Mariano.

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Vic,

Thank you very much, I just engoj His work so much!Happy painting