Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Dear Friends and Patrons,
    my 2 months working vacation came to an end.
    Next posts will be the result of my artistic quest. I hope You will feel some emotions at my efforts.
my next posts will be as follows : Pens and Ink wash - Portraits - Landscape/seascape.
        All pen and ink washes are made on 3,5x5" Strathmore 140 lb. watercolor paper ( a novelty for me , but after i did the first one I was hooked!) did not use any pencil, but at time white gouache. It was a great and relaxing exercise.
The portraits were all made on 6x8 linen, I had the most beautiful models one can hope for.
The Landscapes were made on my fateful pochade box on different sizes: 6x8", 9x12", 11x14" and 12x16"


Alberto, il pittore said...

Ciao Amico, i like these pen ink sketches, also some nice paintings, congradulations with the sales!


Mariano Zucchi said...

Carissimo Alberto,
Thanks a lot, I anjoyed doing the ink wash on the downtime from the oil, a nice breck also interesting. Yes, the sales were a plus,thanks.