Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wrong way

Oil on canvas 9 x 12" ( 23x30cm)
$ 200

An overcast day gave me the opportunity to explore the Zorn palette, a simple arrow on the road cought my interest on the way out of the Sparks Reservoir parking lot. I had to stop on account of rain. Moved the all set up under a tree, finally the rain gave me a breck and i was able to finish.


Galina Nikolova said...

Trees explain melancholy and the arrow means passion.
Kindest regards!

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Galina,
Have to tell you that unfortunately my wife need a peace maker, so you in an extraordinary way may just have hit the nail in the head! Those were in fact exactly my feelings. Thank you very much for visiting and for your comments.

L.Holm said...

Hello, Mariano - looks like Galina's comment is timely. Hang in there, my friend. I also like the beautiful chromatic grays you have in this. superb. The sun always comes out again, yes :-)

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Liz,
Thank you very much. Yes you are right Galina has an uncanny sensibility!