Tuesday, February 10, 2009

7893 Sunvalley

Oil on canvas panel 8 x 6"
No car today, burt beautiful weather so decided to paint my own house. 


Anonymous said...

What a lovely house you have, Mariano and so beautifully painted. I love the way you have painted the roof and the shadows on the walls.

I am very envious that you have such warm weather - it is so very cold here in England!

Mariano Zucchi said...

Thank you very much Shari for the compliment on my home, it may be that for a small 8x6 i put too much details in it, but that's my way. Idealy a pochade should be made in 1 hour(according to Anthony, of pochade.co.uk) but i don't agree on that; and took my time, 4 hours. Yes I am very lucky wetherwise, here in Atlanta seems there is no winter, there is always a lot of light and the most beautiful clouds formation. In the US is cold too, but up North.